How many jobs have been replaced by technology?

How many jobs have been replaced by technology?
How many jobs have been replaced by technology?

How many jobs have been replaced by technology?

As we watch, technology evolves the job market these days. Technology brings automation and techniques like Artificial Intelligence (AI). Technology replaced many jobs with robots and computers such as chat agents replaced by automated chat bots, and checkout registers replaced by the self-checkout system. In this article, we will discuss “How many jobs have been replaced by technology.” if you want to know further read this article.

The jobs that have been replaced by technology

Following are some jobs that have been replaced by technology:

  • Accountants

Human accountants are replaced with an automated system. We know that many accounting software and programs are available which give accurate and rapid calculations which is why many organizations use accounting software instead of hiring an accountant.

  • Benefits Manager

The major task that benefit managers perform is paperwork. This job is also replaced by automated systems, which save time and money.

  • Bookkeeping / Data Entry Clerks

Technology introduced many bookkeeping software and programs that do this job rapidly and accurately. Data entry clerks are also replaced with robots.

  • Customer Service Executives

Customer service jobs are also replaced with AI software and programs. One major example is’s chat, which is completely automated these days.

  • Delivery / Couriers

These days, self-driving vehicles, drones, and other types of robots are used for delivery purposes and courier services that are more rapid and secure than humans.

  • Market Research Analysts

Companies cannot get success without market analytics. Market research analysts create content, run marketing campaigns and play a vital role in product development. AI technology replaced this job with a completely automated system.

  • Proofreaders

Proofreader job is also replaced with AI technology and timebucks computer programs. Many programs and software are available for spelling checking and grammar checking. Bloggers and web content makers are capable of checking their content through automated software.

  • Receptionist

Receptionists are also replaced with the mobile automation system, IVR, and online system. Receptionists are replaced with robots these days.

  • Transportation

The transportation industry also evolves due to innovation in technology. Technology brings self-driving cars and vehicles, which replaced the drivers.

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