What jobs have been eliminated due to technology?

What jobs have been eliminated due to technology?
What jobs have been eliminated due to technology?

What jobs have been eliminated due to technology?

Technology eliminated many jobs by automating the system. following are the jobs that are eliminated due to technology:

1.     Manufacturing and assembly line jobs: With the advent of robotics and automation, many jobs that involve repetitive tasks in manufacturing and assembly line industries are eliminated.

2.     Data entry and bookkeeping: The widespread use of computer software and automation has eliminated the need for manual data entry and bookkeeping jobs.

3.     Retail and customer service jobs: Online shopping and self-checkout kiosks have reduced the need for human cashiers and customer service representatives in retail stores.

4.     Telemarketing and call center jobs: Automated call systems and virtual assistants have replaced many jobs in telemarketing and call centers.

5.     Transportation and delivery jobs: Self-driving cars and drones have the potential to eliminate jobs in the transportation and delivery industries.

6.     Banking and finance jobs: Automated teller machines (ATMs) and online banking have reduced the need for bank tellers and other banking jobs.

7.     Print and media jobs: The shift to digital media has led to the elimination of jobs in print and traditional media, such as newspaper and magazine editors and reporters.

8.     Travel and tourism jobs: Online travel booking and virtual tours have reduced the need for human travel agents and tour guides.

9.     Agriculture jobs: Advances in precision agriculture and automation are reducing the need for manual labor in farming and other agricultural industries.

10. Construction jobs: The increased use of 3D timebucks printing and robotics in construction is beginning to automate many jobs in the industry.

11. Post office and mail delivery jobs: The increasing use of electronic communication and online billing has led to a decline in the need for mail carriers and post office workers.

12. Photography and film development jobs: Digital cameras and photo editing software have made it possible for amateur photographers to produce high-quality images, reducing the need for professional photographers and film developers.

13. Library and research jobs: The widespread availability of online information and digital libraries has made it possible for many research and library jobs to be done remotely or by machines.

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