What jobs have been replaced by technology?

What jobs have been replaced by technology?
What jobs have been replaced by technology?

What jobs have been replaced by technology?

For organizations that want to save money as well as make the work efficient, the idea to replace a human employee with a robot or computerized system is desirable. Technology brings many changes in the way we work. The human workforce is replaced with robots, which enhance the productivity of companies as well as save their money. It caused unemployment because many jobs are replaced by technology.

Jobs replaced by technology

Following are some major jobs that are replaced by technology these days:

  • Factory workers

Assembly and robots take place of the human workforce in many industries. Many industries integrate automated systems and robots to increase productivity and save costs.

  • Vehicle Drivers

Self-driving vehicles become more common these days. It is one of the major innovations in the transport industry, which takes the place of drivers.

  • Phone Operators

Technology also brings innovation to the mobile phone and telemarketing industry. Robots and automated computer systems also replace Mobile and phone operators.

  • Cashier

Technology also replaced the job of the cashier. Self-checkout lines are common these days at many grocery stores. However, computers are robots that are still watched by humans.

  • Packing

Robots and automated computer systems are holding the responsibility of packing these days.

  • Journalism / Reporters

Technology also evolves the field of journalism and takes the place of reporters. Many TV channels employ computers and robots for reporting and journalism purposes.

  • Pilots

Pilots are also replaced with automated systems and robots. The US military uses autonomous drones that can attack without the help of humans. These drones replace the pilots of cargo planes.

  • Stock Traders

The stock market is full of automated systems like a timebucks computer that buys and sells products online and replaces stock trader jobs.

  • Postal Workers

Postal workers who work to store the posts in previous days are also replaced by an automated system. Automated system store and read emails more rapidly than humans did.

  • Chefs / Cooks

Robots also replace chefs and cooks these days. Robots prepare much of packaged food. Many companies such as “Moley Robotics” are working to make robotic arms that act as personal chefs in the home kitchen.  

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