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Finding Old Minecraft Youtubers

Back in the early 10’s all I would watch was minecraft. I remember one youtuber (who’s name I’ve forgotten) who did a modded survival series. I remember he had the weird mobs mod and there was a pyramid made from a mod outside his base.

His Youtube profile picture was the Team Fortress “Gentlemen” meme. If anybody knows his channel name please let me know. There was also another youtuber (May have been the same guy to be honest) who did a multiplayer meteor survival series. In the videos they based inside of a mountain. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have searched over countless forums and posts and have had no luck of finding them.

Converting Minecraft

Today I was wondering if anyone familiar with the process could help me to get my Minecraft 360 world on PC as I don’t have the disc anymore and I want to relive some memories. I’ve looked at pretty much every cancerous youtube Minecraft guide and I’ve got nothing to work.

Whenever I load up the Minecraft world I got from the sketchy converter program it’s something completely random and not all what my world is like on Minecraft 360. Any help is appreciated as I’m at my wit’s end.

I just want to convert my Minecraft 360 world to Minecraft PC world.

Minecraft Achievements?

Anyone know how to get the “Where have you been?” achievement in Minecraft, all I know is that you have to tame a cat and then once you sleep you will get a gift from it.

I’ve tried several times on the same map with the same cat and it never worked. I need assistance.

Anyone tried to let the cat out? But make sure it’s not sitting when you go to bed. Not sure but I think that’s how that works.